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about me.

'enthusiastic designer with an underlying passion for coding'

Six years experience in the design and print industry along with a BA Hons in Graphics Design. Self taught web design and code languages due to a keen interest in the process behind a website. Interests in developing applications for android, with theme and icon packs already developed.


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I always maintain the quality in my work. I don't stop working on something until I am entirely happy with how it ends.


I like to produce a range of different concepts before finalising on a design.


Refining my work until the end, this only can come from producing the ideas in the previous step.


I enjoy paginating text to produce appealing brochures and books. It's always a nice accomplishment to put together something everyone finds easy to read.


My skills of illustration range from icon design to putting together an infographic of stats.


Self-taught from an early age, HTML and CSS are my second language. Putting together website's is something I love to do.

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